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Laboratorio Paravicini Italian Views Jar Dinner Plate 27cm


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The Italian skylines are painted in two colors of blue and red, depicting architectural motifs alternating with flowers and leaves. It’s true that these plates are so beautiful that you don’t want to take them out to eat (and in that case, decorate your wall or console table with these masterpieces). But if you feel like you can “eat” these works of art, then you deserve them – just as they were made for sophisticated homeowners like you. Another plus point for artistic plates is that at the dining table they will help you open the conversation with guests and create a truly Wow first impression.

The plate is completely handmade and hand-painted. 100% made in Italy. Imperfections are hallmarks of hand-made products.

  • Diameter: 27cm
  • Made in Milan, Italy
  • Không cho vào lò nướng hay lò vi sóng.